PittStop’s goal is to be a welcoming, safe, inclusive and fun environment for dancers of all types, levels and abilities.

To that end, we expect all attendees to be respectful of your fellow dancers, venue staff, and performers during the weekend. If you aren’t aware of general dance space behavior or etiquette, ask yourself, "is there any chance someone (especially someone I don't know well) could feel uncomfortable, offended, or threatened by my actions/words?"  If you can't confidently answer this question, ask any organizer, a volunteer, or a friend. Just ask. We reserve the right to refuse entrance or remove anyone who behaves in a dangerous, inappropriate, or illegal manner.

If at any time you are uncomfortable or notice inappropriate behavior, please immediately notify event staff so that we can address your concerns in a timely and effective manner. Even occasional problems can decrease our fun and feelings of safety and we would rather educate the offender than allow it to escalate. You can see who the staff are here or ask at the registration table at any dance.

For additional reading or a more detailed statement about safe spaces at dances, see our sister festival’s statement here: Steel City Blues Festival.