Event Organizers

PittStop is an event run by volunteers. This page will contain information on the committee members who have made PittStop possible! More bios coming soon!

Sara Owens – chair

Sara (she/her) wandered into a dance studio fifteen years ago and has been hooked ever since. She first attended PittStop10 and was thrilled to join the planning committee five years ago. Sara’s favorite part of PittStop is meeting dancers old & new and seeing everyone making new memories.

Anders Weinstein

Anders (he/him) started swing dancing as a pure beginner in 2004 with a background in music, but no special aptitude for movement. He soon got into it as a hobby the way others might work on their golf game, going to workshops and weekends and joining a local performance team. He’s proud to have worked on the PittStop committee since 2006, and loves seeing a roomful of attendees sharing the joy of dance in Pittsburgh.

Barry Adams

Barry (he/him) has been on the PittStop Committee since the beginning of PittStop (2001) which means he is old. He is the treasurer, which means he controls the money, does the budget, and tries to keep the event from losing money or making a little money so we can keep going. Barry also hires the bands and books most of the venues. Historically he has thousands of documents and emails of past PittStops and has been to more PittStop dances than any other person which makes him kind of a historian of the event. It’s a lot of work but Barry really enjoys helping to put on this event for so many dancers. Yes, he is kind of retired, so he has the time.

Doug Bae

Doug (he/him) loves nothing more than to be in a room full of dancers and so it makes perfect sense that he would find his way onto the organizing committee for PittStop to help create more of those opportunities. It is a continual struggle to pull him off of the dance floor, but he’s enthusiastic to be working on making the event as amazing as possible this year, and to see old friends and make new ones come November!

Emily McNaughton

Emily (she/her) only joined the PittStop Lindy Hop committee as an excuse to spread the gospel of Balboa. And would love to dance it with each and every one of you! (Because she both leads and follows!)

Lisa Tamres

Lisa (she/her) was on the first PittStop committee and every one since and just won’t go away. A lindy fiend during the day,  blues fan during the evening, and a balboa buddy any old time; she is happy to lead or follow and looking forward to tons of dancing this year. 

Senna Steward

Senna (she/her) started social dancing in 2017 and loves watching the many ways in which dance can connect, inspire, and unite people from many different backgrounds and walks of life. She is looking forward to having the chance to see everyone’s smiling faces in November.

Tim Nedimyer

Tim (he/him) was too lazy to write his own bio.

Plus, this gorgeous new website designed by Nathan Phillips!! (He’s not vain, so I had to add this note — Emily)

If you’re interested in joining the PittStop 2024 planning committee, please email PittStopLindyHop@gmail.com for more information.